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Liberia has been such a disastrous mess in current decades that it would be remarkable to locate something that nonetheless operated in the nation, let alone casinos. Having said that, that undervalues the resourcefulness of the Liberians themselves for Liberia’s casinos in truth quantity to two. The nation was initial founded as a refuge for slaves freed in the United States, so it usually had some thing of a tension in between the a lot more educated returning slaves and the indigenous population.

This continued down the years, from the founding in the 1850’s to 1980. The nation was run by descendants of these freed slaves and in some strategies remained in a time warp: till the 1980’s, the President and his ministers, for instance, nonetheless wore Victorian clothing, tail coats, and top rated hats (and can you picture that in the African heat?). Samuel Doe, who was descended from a single of the neighborhood tribes, in 1980, overthrew that ruling class, and the old leaders have been executed by firing squad upon the beach. There then followed some 25 years of vicious violence in which hundreds of thousands of the inhabitants have been killed, usually in grossly brutal strategies. This ultimately came to an finish with a UN sponsored peace mission just a couple of years ago. With that sort of background and current history, plus the destitution and poverty of the nation and the men and women, it may be surprising to find out that there are any Liberia casinos at all: But, it appears to be a truth that in such war zones and despotic dictatorships that a couple will remain open, so that these at the top rated can gamble the revenue they extort.

List of Liberia’s casinos: – Casino Monrovia – Casino Oceano The Oceano has roulette, blackjack, and poker tables, as nicely as slots. Each of the Liberian casinos are in Monrovia, the capital. As an instance of how divided the nation was (and as some thing of an explanation for the rage that drove the two current civil wars), the present President is the daughter of the extremely initial indigenous Liberian to even be elected to the national legislature, let alone something a lot more essential.

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is essentially, by the requirements of that portion of Africa, more than certified to be a politician: she’s worked for each Citibank and the Globe Bank. Her opponent in the current elections was essentially George Weah, an international soccer player.

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